Legacy Builders Gets to WeWork on Open Office Plan for Co-Working Giant

NEW YORK, NY—July 2016

Legacy Builders announced that the firm constructed multiple open-concept offices for WeWork in Miami and New York.

WeWork is one of the largest co-working operators with more than 25,000 members at over 75 locations around the world.

Legacy Builders created custom individual storefront offices with a modern atmosphere for the brand-new co-working spaces.

Each floor of the WeWork projects has its own common area and a combination of private offices and communal work areas.

There are also phone booths and conference rooms, some with tables and others designed as lounges.

“The layout was strategic and designed for interaction,” said John Bennardo, President and Chief Executive Office of Legacy Builders.

“We worked closely with the WeWork team as well as consultants and engineers to deliver a quality project, that would enhance the co-working experience.”

Projects elements include the installation of wood floors, lighting, and electrical systems, HVAC and new plumbing throughout the spaces.

Legacy Builders created community kitchens with custom cabinetry and backsplashes along with reception areas and bathrooms. Special order wallpaper and local art work also adorn the walls.

“With a passionate membership of startup entrepreneurs and small businesses, freelancers and service providers, the space itself needs to respond to that kind of passion,” said Miguel McKelvey, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of WeWork.

“Legacy Builders constructed spaces that make people feel good and represent the WeWork brand.”

Reprinted from Real Estate Weekly
July 13, 2016